Safety Rail-beam

By: Ridwan Wicaksono and Fajar Bangkit Prasetyo (SMUN 8 Yogyakarta) – Gold medal OPSI 2010

This research is about the development of rail-beam technology that can work semi-automatically. This is called a semi-automatic because the microcontroller system make it work automatically (using sensors) and also can be controlled manually by a human. We made a prototype barrier system and focus on programmable logic control of sensor (detector). It does not only detect the train on the railway, but also detects the vehicle on the road. In Indonesia, this instrument can’t be installed fully automatic due to indiscipline attitudeof Indonesian, and  also can’t installed fully manual due to human error’s problem. This tool needs to be monitored and enforced on traffic regulations.  With semi-automatic system, the tool is expected to prevent accidents caused by human error. Therefore, we expect the work of this innovation more effective in providing safety for the community condition optimally. So this system can help the government reduce traffic accidents at the bar rail.

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